Why is aluminium the best material for bi-fold doors?

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While arranging for bi-fold doors to be supplied and fitted at your home can be pleasingly straightforward, it can be a different matter when you are trying to decide which material should be used for those doors. uPVC, timber and aluminium are all options but can differ in numerous ways…

It’s not just a matter of deciding which of these materials look nicest; you also have to consider their resilience and longevity. We would deem aluminium the most suitable material – but why exactly?

Aluminium has got the power

As aluminium surpasses both timber and uPVC in strength, it can support glass just as effectively even when thinner frames are used. This means that, in aluminium bi-fold doors, the framework can be minimalist and so allow for both unobstructed views and a welcome amount of light.

That would be a particular boon if you live somewhere sunny and coastal – and, in such a place, the material can also resist expansion or contraction that heat variation could otherwise cause.

Aluminium has also got the powder… coating

As aluminium tends to be powder coated when used for doors, aluminium bifold doors are available in many different colours. This is certainly the case with such doors ordered from Bifold Shop, which offers the doors in a choice of 200 colours.

This choice has the particularly strong merit of letting you order doors that, visually, can be readily matched to a home of either contemporary or traditional style.

This metal is not a hassle to look after

Having to constantly dig into your pocket to pay for the painting or repairing of doors can obviously be a nuisance. It’s fortunate, then, that aluminium requires very little maintenance.

You can expect doors of this material not to discolour, corrode, warp or rot – while Homebuilding & Renovating explains that they also resist fading that sunlight could cause. In fact, your maintenance efforts with aluminium could be limited to just a yearly clean using soapy water.

The long-term price is right

While aluminium doors can initially call for a higher financial outlay than non-aluminium alternatives, the long-term costs can actually be better for several good reasons…

One is that aluminium doors, purchased new, will last significantly longer than 30 years. Furthermore, as they usually exceed both uPVC and timber in durability, you can get quality that reflects the higher price and could help you rein in your maintenance expenses.

Aluminium is a good all-rounder

Naturally, when trying to decide which material you should select for bi-fold doors, you should carefully weigh up merits and drawbacks of each option. However, taking into account various factors, we would declare aluminium the most suitable choice overall.

This opinion is supported in an article on the Double Glazing Blogger website, which states: “Depending on your budget, aluminium is the best all-round choice for bi-fold doors and well worth the investment.” Order such doors from Bifold Shop, which can install them anywhere in the UK, and you could soon see the wisdom of this stance.


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